Sydney Stem Cell Centre practitioners were the first to be accredited to perform Celgen procedures

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We have more experience in providing this therapy than any other practice and we have worked in close collaboration with Regeneus, the developers of the technology, to provide the clinical protocols for its use.

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The joint registry was set up to determine the long term safety outcomes and effectiveness of autologous human cell therapy. It was opened for recruitment in May 2011 and closed in May 2015. Data was collected from 403 patients and 946 joints (66% knees).
  A safe and well tolerated treatment.

The Celgen treatment involves harvesting fat tissue in a mini-liposuction procedure and injection of the processed cells into the treated joints.

The overall experience of patients after the treatment was positive and the procedure was well tolerated. The occasional patient suffered a post-injection “flare” which means that the patient experienced a painful swollen knee in the days to weeks following an injection. All patients fully recovered from this event with no adverse effects. It is thought to involve less than 0.5% of treatments. No joint infections have been reported to date.

Patients considering whether to undergo joint replacement surgery or Celgen treatment may like to take into account the substantially greater likelihood of adverse events, complications and the longer recovery time associated with joint replacement surgery.
  73% of patients experienced an average 79% reduction in pain.

Nearly three quarters of patients responded to Celgen treatment with a significant (that is greater than 30%) reduction in pain from as early as two weeks post-treatment. All age groups and osteoarthritis grades showed reduced pain.
Pain levels after 24 months following stem cell treatment

Responders are patients with at least a 30% reduction in pain from baseline.

  Many patients are sleeping better.

Joint pain often keeps osteoarthritis patients awake at night. Of course, some patients have poor sleep for other reasons. But many people who seek treatment complain that pain is keeping them awake or waking them up from sleep. The Registry tracked how well people slept before and after Celgen treatment.

At 2 weeks post-treatment, 38% of patients reported improved sleep quality which improved to 43% at 1 year post-treatment.


Percentage of patients sleeping soundly after stem cell treatment

Before treatment only 47% of patients said they were sleeping soundly. By six months post treatment, that figure had increased to 78%.

  Significant reduction in the level of medication use

Managing osteoarthritis pain often requires multiple doses of medication every day. The Registry looked at the effect of treatment on the medications patients took after treatment with Celgen compared to what they were taking before treatment. 73% of patients at one year reported using no pain medication. Patients also switched to a milder form of medicine than they were on before Celgen treatment. For example, the number of patients who were previously on stronger over-the-counter painkillers (12.5%) had reduced to almost a third by 12 months post treatment (4.5%).
  Significant improvement in knee function
  Patients reported improved levels of activity; their involvement in sport and recreation was increased with less disability, and their ability to carry out their activities of daily living was also improved. These findings in the Registry were found to be of statistical significance.
Registry patients have completed a questionnaire that assesses their symptoms and ability to play sport, to exercise and carry out day-to-day activities. (Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score or KOOS).

Patients reported significant improvements in all the areas covered by the questionnaire. The following graph shows the improvement in pain, symptoms, activities of daily living (ADL), sports and recreation, and knee related QOL (quality of life).


Knee Improvement with stem cell treatment
Celgen human cell therapy is a two stage medical procedure. All medical procedures carry risks. Before proceeding, you should discuss your particular situation with your doctor or seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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